Friday, March 10, 2006

Dreaming still or reality ??!

During my IIM B interview, the panelists after explaining why IIM B is better than IIM C for industry interactions as well as consulting to small scale industries asked me,
"So Suhas, let us say you are going to live in an ideal world for the next two years and if everything were to go as you would dream in your most optimistic dreams, where do you see yourself two years down the line ?"
Just to toe the optimistic fantasy line I laughed and said," I would get into IIM A, would go on to top the batch and get a gold medal there & would join McKinsey and Co as a consultant!!". Understanding that I had played the optimistic fantasy line too far the panelists also laughed !
Two years down the line I am glad I got atleast two of the three dreams played out for real in my life ! I did go to IIM A !! And now I have got an offer to join McKinsey and Co !!
I also understood the power of dreams!!

"I realize, small aim is a crime" - Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam

Monday, March 06, 2006

Placements - Get, Set, Go !

The D Day is here ! The annual spectacle starts tomorrow at IIM A ! Probably the second biggest in it's history after 2000. This one is going to be one helluva ride !! The feeling is same as you have when you sit on a roller coaster waiting for the final kid or family to get in for the operator to close the handle and pull the plug ! Or Brazil versus France, or the India- Pakistan quarters.
Personally I am cut off from the thrill slightly cause I'm going in with downside protected (Thanks to a PPO) :)...May it go well for the whole batch !

N.B At last count more than 50% of IIMA guys shift from their first job in an average of 6 months. SO much for the spectacle !! But that is a different story hunh !! :))