Thursday, May 06, 2010

Conversation with a call centre executive

Me: I could not web checkin. Can you figure out what the issue is ?
She: Can I tele check in ?
Me : That is fine, thanks. But do figure out what the issue with webcheck in is,ok ?
She: Ok sir. There is a problem sir.
Me: Thanks, What ?!
She : Sir it is a problem !
Me: Yea. I got that much. What is the problem and what is the solution ?
She: Sir your name is spelt as Anand Suhas Mr instead of Anand Suhas Mr.
Me: Hunh ?! Isnt that both same ?
She: No sir.
Me: Is my name spelt wrongly ?
She: No sir. But it is Anand Suhas Mr.
Me: That is how it always is. But I have never had this issue before.
She: Sir there is no space between Suhas and Mr !
Me: Oh so that is the issue ! How will I know that if you just pronounce Anand Suhas Mr and Anand Suhas Mr ?!!!
She: Sir you are male no sir ?!!
Me: What ?
She: That is why Mr Sir !
Me : !!!