Sunday, April 13, 2014

Western Ghats in Wayanad

For Aarav's first birthday we decided to go to India and expose him to some forest fragments in Western Ghats at a place called Wayanad. We stayed at Vythiri Meadows which we absolutely enjoyed - great location where you can sit in the balcony early in the morning with a hot tea and see the clouds descending from over the Chembra peak.

I'd definitely love to return at peak of monsoon or winter to better enjoy the weather. We also went to the amazing BanasuraSagar Dam  -the largest earthen dam in India and one of the largest in Asia

We also, as usual, visited and did a bit of gardening at a small land plot we had bought from a builder who had fully deforested it. We are planning to bring it back to past glory by planting mostly indigenous trees. (To build our own little farm:-), but more importantly hopefully instil a sense of ecological awareness and love for nature within Aarav - which is a daunting task for a kid growing up in Dubai.

This photo below shows the difference between how we got the land and how its getting back in shape !


Would be back for the next monsoons !