Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Of post marriage life !!!

The first question people ask me these days is "Dood, so hows this married thingie going on man?". After reading this blog by Apurv
I thought its time to write a blog on the oft debated Q. Especially since Ive like a 2 hour gap between meetings and Im sitting looking at the Bandra Worli sea link getting drenched in monsoon fury from my client's 8th floor office overlooking the sea.
For starters, nothing dramatic has changed post marriage. We still love, go for movies, pull each others legs, go to Irish pub to catch IPL / Euro on weekends, go for photo shoots to nature parks/mountains,get drunk and fight just as before.
The major things that have changed indeed are that we stay together during weekdays. She cooks (I try to help till she banishes me from kitchen for all the nuisances I create and call me back for doing dishes sometimes). I buy vegetables some time from the market downstairs (Well that IS a major change - for the life of me I would not have believed that you can buy ANYTHING in this era for 1 Re. I don't know in the post 11+% inflation, +50 BP raise in CRR & repo era, but at least till last Thursday I could get a handful of those leaves that you put invariably in all Indian curries as well as ginger for ONE rupee!!). Yes guys you really can buy stuff for 1 Re from vegetable markets ! That was singularly the most profound insight in my post marriage life.
We bought a house (I'd have done it anyways but still I would have pontificated between a house and an SUV for months on - thankfully I went the home way instead of SUV way - a very green decision I must say since I not only am NOT buying a fuel guzzling SUV I bought a house close to a lake in the verdant Bangalore. Verdant adjective strictly in comparison to Mumbai !!)
I've become more muted in my appreciation for other females ! Especially if it is a physical comment ;).
I've reduced all-bachelor binge parties.
I've given up grass (Sigh, especially when I listen to high hopes or great gig in the sky with only Smirnoff and orange juice for company).
Fixed cost of existence decreases since rent is allocated over two heads (MBA Speak!!). Savings can be obtained even in variable costs if you buy from volume discount stores ;)...Ok Ill STOP !
Net net, if you are a bachelor my advise would be marriage might not be as scary a preposition (Why "E" instead of "O" , cause proposition is a logical statement that has a binary end product to it - good or bad, black or white, sweet or sour - which I do not think marriage can be bracketed into. It is more like a preposition which modifies the core word without really completely changing the core!!)- as we might have hypothesized.