Thursday, September 28, 2006

What should you do with your life ?

We have all met them. We are them. Them who says," My dream to spend a perfect day would be to sit overlooking a valley in Kenyan forests, high up in a rooftop hut sipping Malibu or kahlua, looking at the Gazelles underneath and listening to the roars of lions & flowing water at a distance.” Funny thing is we never do most of these things even though we can do them!
I had always wanted to be a forest ranger! I wanted to take CAT so that I would study at IIFM Bhopal (Indian Institute of Forest Management) but then made that “Let me make money first and then pursue the dreams” jig. So I went to IIM A and uploaded all wild life movies and safari videos into my comp and enjoyed life. Way things are today, I can afford going to Africa and doing what I wanted at least once a year. But the whole point is that I am not a forest ranger!!! I’m OK overall – cause I’ve a dream job which is fulfilling, intellectually stimulating with a bunch of folks who are fun to work with. But I know of people who are such good photographers or excellent artists who end up writing software codes all their life. People who are as much in love with forests and wildlife treks as I am, ending up selling construction materials in Dubai.
Like an ode to the zillions of us read this article. Nicely written. Must read !

Monday, September 04, 2006

Croc Hunter is No More !!!

Steve is no more - killed at Barrier reef by a sting ray.
That dents the fun on the occassion when Kerala is celebrating Onam. Personally for me as well as all the wildlife enthusiasts the world over.
Wishing you all a happy and prosperous Onam and may Steve rest in peace. We love you Steve and you gave us all many many awesome memories through Discovery as well as other docs.
Today is also Teacher's Day and the Ganpathi eve...So many things happening. Me just going to a place in Fort to have Kerala food. Yummy !!