Monday, February 23, 2009

Had gone for a trek at Sinhagad valley in Pune. It turned out you don't need to trek a lot to shoot the amazing number of flycatchers. In keeping with the decision of not posting too many pics here directly given the bandwidth issue faced by some blokes
So if you have tha bandwidth you can catch a few from the trek here

Good day ! (Oh what a day - ARR got his due finally ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

To MBA or not

I often get asked by MBA aspirants on what to study, what not to study, if they should go for the MBA at all etc etc ! Recently I have figured out a quick check for the folks to come to a decision on this (It is a very rough and generic way of looking at it but honestly at the end of the day this is what it shall come to ! - my big insight 3 years post MBA!!)

So here is the big insight ! (Hehe)

A. To build your knowledge (Not for CAT - Im sure all smart folks out there can crack it) - read Mint for atleast 6-8 months before the interviews / GD

B. Again read Mint for atleast 6-8 months - If you like around 75% of what is written in there and look forward to reading it daily, you are good to go for an MBA. If you dont like even 25%, you should definitely not go for it. For all who fall in between, it is a tough call !!

Some of the stuff is a bit too technical for non Accounting/Economics majors but even engineers /others can intuitively get what is being said - just by thinking through the logic from first principles. I'm a huge fan of Mint since it's inception, unfortunately these days I dont quite get enought time to read it end to end. On a rating of 1-10, if ET is 4 and Business Standard is 6, I'd rate Mint at around 9 ! And it costs only Rs.2 !

Disclaimer : Ive nothing to do with LiveMint and in no way is this an ad for the same :))