Sunday, July 22, 2007

Whattay Race !!!

One of those races where you come out knowing that you probably witnessed one of the most event filled races in history. Also that the best driver did not come close to podium. But for all of us who were watching the race together - not just McLaren fans & more importantly the Ferrari fans included - Hamilton was the hero. There was only one idea floating around - when shall Hamilton shift to Ferrari and rewrite F1 history. Atleast we (Ferrari fans) hope it is not long before he shifts !! ;)...

Congrats Alonso - great stuff ; but Hamilton remains the champion.

Added later (Not connected to the first half of the post!!)

For those interested in debates of what is art, what is photography and ethics of digital manipulations have a look here..I personally have no major issues with his is indeed good art. Some people have issues since the photographer Rarindra purportedly wrote that he seldom alters the lighting and bokeh in Photoshop or similar softwares. It def has an oil painting look and the kind of surrealism that he has "created" is probably not close to physical truth at the time and space that the shot was clicked. Truth defined in the world of photography and Feynmans laws of lights. It definitely is good work of art - even in PS I would not be able to create 1/100th of what the guy has done:). What is, by the way, truth in art ?