Tuesday, October 18, 2005

New Beginnning

It is long since I have been thinking of shifting to Blogger. Simply cuz the opportunity cost in continuing with rediff is too high now with all the tech upgrades happening. It is simple to uplink stuff from Picasa2 or wherever else I want to from. Imaging sucks at Rediff. Also feed works better. So I think I will slowly phase out my Rediff blog. I have been blogging for almost 4 years now right from the times blogging starting happening big time in India thanks mainly to Rediff. I remember the ol guys from then on like Sid, Tan, Anand, Venkat etc and then people like Sidin ofcourse !!

It has been fun at Rediff making lots of friends and having some intellectually stimulating debates though I missed out on the Bombay Bloggers meet twice that I had promised to go. Looking back I realise I missed an opportunity to make a still larger number of friends. Work at L&T, Powai kept me tied up those days but then work also gave me free internet with which I could blog. Now in second year at B School work is dead but internet is alive and kicking !! So as good a time as any to enter a new phase of blogging revolution..err...evolution !!

Thanks for reading me on at rediff and hope you folks shall keep coming here too and update your links like good blog samaritans would do !!

It is also a very interesting time for blogging in India. I copy paste my final blog at Rediff herein

"With RB and Sabnis getting PeeYemed I'm shit scared to blog anything these days ! What if some dimwit send me too an online writ or worse still curse me to be raped by lizards inhabiting his commode ? When will people grow up ?I don't see any reason why RB would cook up anything. (Bring on the kickbacks from Aaj Tak logic..or was it Amity ??!! ;)..I saw her first at our Alum Meet at Mumbai. Right from then on she came across as someone determined to do any job in the best possible manner. And she's done a jolly good job with the episode so far ! Same goes with Gaurav whose blog I have been reading from time immemorial (Yea blogging started some time after Big Bang!!)Hope I can blog again.You never know when Beelzebub come knocking at my little dorm room at Vastrapur and eviscerate my bowels & cut my testicles away. For I have sinned by supporting sinners who spoke the Truth. Bring on the hemlock. Socrates awaits !! N.B Please make it a 124.90 Crore suit. I have a cash crunch you see, after buying a couple of pairs of first hand Jockeys."

Though the issue is closed for now, I think it clearly indicates the prominence of Blogging as a pathway of information flow. Yesterday I was reading C K Prahalad's Co-creation paper wherein he speaks of consumers co creating value with producers up the value chain. Guess blogging and sites like Mouthshut.com are soon going to be a conduit for value co creation in the business world. No longer can they be construed as "mumbo jumbos" (No Pun!!) of yuppies with free internet and lavish time. They have essentially become mouthpeices for consumers and a touchstone for product quality.

See you all around !! Gud day..