Monday, December 22, 2008

Vacations are back !!...

Im having a rather long and deserved vacation in Kerala. The kind of peace that the land brings is amazing. Even from the moment you can differentiate the coconut palms from high up in the air before landing, even inside the enclosed cabin, you can smell the fresh air. Even over the landing announcements you can hear the birds sing. Even as you pop the remaining packet of After Mint or the Jet's typical tamarind toffee into your mouth, you can taste the culinary delights of this small strip of land south - south west of India. My days are packed with weddings and receptions and meeting people et al. This is the first time Im taking Sandy to Kerala after our wedding. So she is damn thrilled.
For me it's homecoming. Again. But everytime, even over the familiarity brought by number of trips, each is unique in what the abode of Gods can throw. Im planning to squeeze in Thattekad / Salim Ali bird sanctuary. If it happens, expect some good pics (Hopefully ;)

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year !!!