Sunday, November 23, 2008

Updates on photoblog

Check it here

I've decided to reduce photos in this main blog keeping in mind friends who browse on dial up..

Currently, planning for the year end vacations going on. Mostly thinking of Kerala itself. Haven't been home after wedding and it seems there is a line of Uncles and Aunts to be visited, sweets eaten !! Im looking forward to the festival at a temple close to where I was born. Should be able to shoot some folk art / elephants etc. Let's see !! Planning to do Gir at Junagadh after that for the Asiatic Lions. All depends on my wife's leave apps though !!:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Andy's blogs !!

Dont know if you guys follow Andy's blog about cricket. Or if you follow The "Bugle" Andy at all. He has started blogging at Cricinfo. Super hilarious. Dangerously good humour. If you read at office & your boss catches you laughing your guts out in these difficult times, you might be sent to shrink. So beware !

Worth checking it out with this one here
Definitely Zaltsmanisque !!