Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dubai - An Arial Mosaic

It is almost 6 months since I shifted my base to Dubai. I've been thinking of a photo shoot for some time. Getting all my equipments from India and being gifted a Canon 7 D from my wife finally pushed me to action ! The challenge however, was what to shoot ?! There are many monuments and buildings that you can click, lovely deserts in great lights, infrastructure marvels, beaches and mountains. But somehow, the output did not move the artistic mind though technically they were brilliant. That is when I had this thought that probably you need broader brush strokes to create the mosaic named Dubai. One practical way of doing this would have been to shoot from elevation to create spatial continuum. When I enquired on chartered flights to do this, I realised for the money that I'd be spending I could upgrade to some high end primes ! The cheaper alternative finally was to get into a sea plane. Checked one and realised the quality of the output will be compromised a bit due to the poor quality of glasses in the windows. But that was what was affordable and quick. Here is a sample set of output