Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Japan to raise rates !!

In first time in close to 20 years Japan is looking forward to a rate hike....That essentially a big step from the CB at Tokyo. Ofcourse the key issues for Japanese remains how to make their ageing generation whose main productive years were spent in the gloom of recession to get back to their "youthful" spending ways !! It definitely is not going to be on condoms !! With rate hikes looming on a large number of economies all that talk of Jap hedge funds taking a huge liking for emerging markets seems to be a trifle hyped up. Let us see how things go there. Cheers for the Japs !!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

On Cloud 9 !!

Back to Mumbai. Same lively feel. Excitement unabated even in the crazy rains and marauding high tides. My office being in 22nd floor, I can see clouds flying out across my huge window panes. The sea, which is clearly visible beneath is invisible today - just a misty landscape. Surreal. On the other side of the office the Island City too is coccooned in mist and cloud. From this height the building around and far away are just some huge structures as if in an LOTR movies. Time to time a sea gull and other sundry large birds fly around increasing the beauty of the picture.
Started of the weekend with shopping followed by Cafe Mondegar on Saturday night.Same old everything. Very nostalgic. Sunday was at Leopold. Less nostalgic there. Things seems to have gone from good to bad at Leo. Average service and selections.
Anyways it has been a great home coming !! But for the fact that Brazil and Argentina went out of world cup things have been amazingly exciting and great.